Take Care Of Your Crystals

Crystals and gemstones work as healers because they attract negative vibrations as well as positives. Everything and anyone they come into contact with can leave an impression on the crystal, so imagine how many people have touched your crystal before you even purchased it!
There are a few ways to cleanse your crystal, and you should not only do this regularly, but also as soon as you get the crystal. Here are the methods for cleansing:

Mantra and Positive Thought
Hold your crystal in your hand and repeat the mantra, ‘I will and command this crystal to be self-cleansing’, and try to visualize or imagine all the negative energy leaving your crystal.

Running Water
Hold the crystal underneath running water, and make sure the temperature of the water is either cold or luke-warm. Do not use hot water. As you do so, visualize or imagine the negative energy being rinsed away. Let your crystal dry naturally, either in a dry place or even better, in the sunshine.

Place your crustal in a dish of salted water and leave it to soak for 5 or more hours. Then let it dry naturally in a dry place or in the sun.

Bury your crystal beneath the soil in your garden, and leave it for a few hours. It is believed that the natural magnetic energy of the earth will cleanse the crystal.

Using Other Crystals
You can place your crystal on top of a collection of quartz crystals for 2 or 3 hours. This will neutralize the negative energy of your crystal.

Care and Caution with Your Crystals and Gemstones
Each crystal formation is different in how it reacts to light and heat, and some are more solidified than others. Learning about your particular crystal is important so that you can take the best care of it.
Some jewelry cleaners can be used to clean your crystals, especially if they are set in jewelry. However, do not use these on stones such as emerald and amber, or on pearls, as they will become damaged by the chemicals.
It is important to keep your crystals clean from dirt and other impurities, and the safest way to manage this is to only ever use water and perhaps a little soap if the dirt is stubborn. Don’t use anything abrasive or rough to clean or dry your crystals.