The Chakras and Their Associated Crystals

1st Chakra
Base – located at the base or bottom of the spine
Color: Red, black
Energy: grounding, will, stability, security and physical energy Crystals/Stone s:
Black Obsidian
Black Tourmaline
Red Zincite
Smokey Quartz

2nd Chakra
Sacral – located below the navel (belly button)
Color: Blue-Green, Orange
Energy: healing, creativity, reproduction, sexuality, emotion, desire, intuition Crystals/Stone s:
Orange Calcite
Blue-green Fluorite
Blue-green Turquoise

3rd Chakra
Solar Plexus – located below the breastbone
Color: Yellow
Energy: ambition, intellect, protection and personal power Crystals/Stone s:
Yellow Jasper
Golden Calcite

4th Chakra
Heart – middle of the chest
Color: Green, Pink
Energy: compassion, love, emotional balance, universal consciousness Crystals/Stone s:
Green Aventurine
Rose Quartz
Pink or Rubelite Tourmaline
Watermelon Tourmaline

5th Chakra
Throat – front of the neck
Color: Blue
Energy: expression, communication center and divine guidance Crystals/Stone s:
Blue Calcite
Blue Kyanite
Blue Turquoise

6th Chakra
Third Eye – center of the forehead above the eyebrow line Color: Indigo
Energy: psychic power, spiritual awareness, light, and intuition. Crystals/Stone s:
Lapis Lazuli

7th Chakra
Crown – on the top of the head
Color: Golden-white, violet
Energy: cosmic consciousness, perfection, energy, enlightenment Crystals/Stone s:
White Calcite
White Topaz
More Information on Chakras and Crystals:
Ambe r
Opens the 3rd chakra and cleanses
Ame thyst
Opens the crown chakra and activates it.
Black Obsidian
Good for the base chakra and for grounding.
Black Tourmaline
Stabilizes and balances the base chakra.
Awakens and balances the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras and grounds the heart chakra.
Carne lian
Use with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras to promote creativity, physical energy and compassion.
Aligns chakras and balances energy. Opens and activates the solar plexus and navel chakras. Stimulates the crown chakra and energizes the base chakra.
Activates the crown chakra.
Celestite Clears chakras.
Clear Calcite (white)
Stimulates the energy of all the chakras.
Activates the heart chakra and aligns all of the chakras.
Deep Pink Tourmaline
Stimulates the connection from the base chakra to the heart chakra.
G a rne t
Stimulates the base chakra. Takes negative energy away from the chakras.
Green Aventurine
Clears, protects and activates the heart chakra.
Green Fluorite
Renews the energy of the chakras and cleanses them.
Green Tourmaline
Use with the heart chakra.
H e ma t i t e
Treats and closes the base chakra.
Herkimer Diamond Actives the crown chakra.
Automatically aligns all chakras.
Lapis Lazuli
Clears and activates the third eye and throat chakras.
Stimulates the throat and heart chakras.
Can be used with the crown, third eye and throat chakras.
Removes negativity from the chakras.
Pink Kunzite
Activates the heart chakra and balances and aligns all the chakras.
Quartz Crystal
Opens all of the chakras, and activates the crown chakra.
Rose Quartz
Gives love energy to the heart chakra.
Smoky Quartz
Use with the base chakra.
Tiger’s Eye
Use with the solar plexus chakra to promote intuition. Also increases psychic ability at the 3rd eye chakra.
Elevates all of the chakras and enables communication skills when placed at the throat chakra.
Watermelon Tourmaline
Higher level of activation of the heart chakra.