Lapis Lazuli

The metaphysical energy of Lapis Lazuli crystal is eternal protection ≈≈ The Lapis Lazuli magic and spiritual meaning is seeing your divine path

Hair problems
Nervous system – headache, migraine, shingles Immune system
Sleep disorders – insomnia Lungs
Panic attacks
Throat Vomiting

Lapis lazuli is an ancient stone said to represent friendship and truth. Blue lapis lazuli gems are believed to help bring about harmony in relationships. It is a stone of wisdom and awareness.

The Assyrians and Babylonians made seals and ornaments of lapis, and reportedly sent objects of lapis as gifts to the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Whether the Egyptians recut these, or imported their own supplies from Afghanistan, the gemstone was very popular as amulets and charms in the shape of scarabs and other forms often found in tombs. In Egypt, with their goddess Nut of the night sky and Sothys (later known as Isis) who was connected to the star Sirius, it’s clear that Lapis lazuli’s resemblance to a starry sky may have played a large part in its value. Such were its mystical properties, it was considered only suitable to be worn by the royal family and the priests. It was an amulet that protected the dead on the journey to the Western lands, and the Egyptian Chief of Justice wore a lapis amulet with the image of Ma’at who was the goddess guardian of truth.
On a practical level, in the early centuries CE lapis was crushed to create ultramarine dye and the pigment appears in medieval manuscripts and paintings where it is often the colour of the Virgin’s robes. The tsars of Russia used huge slabs of lapis lazuli (along with malachite) as ornament for their interiors. No common marble for decorating their palaces, thank you very much!
Across cultures lapis has been used to heal eye disease, epilepsy, circulation and skin trouble. As the colour of a clear night sky, the
stone is often associated with tranquillity, keeping away evil and promoting universal love and good fortune.
Its rich blue colour, varying at times almost to indigo, connects this stone to both the throat chakra and the third eye. Thus it activates thyroid and energises those with diseases of the throat. In this capacity it also releases tension and anxiety, strengthens bones and augments strength, vitality and virility (all of these latter qualities would be a direct result of tranquillity and relaxation from releasing tension).
Through its connection to the third eye it facilitates mental clarity and illumination, aiding creativity, as well as enhancing psychic abilities and communication with spirit guides.
Edgar Cayce recommended wearing lapis as its one of the most powerful agents for developing spiritual and psychic abilities. He traced its powers back to the Atlantis where it was used by the priests.
Lapis is medium-hard at 5 on the Mohs scale, and can be quite fragile depending on cleavage and fractures in the stone. For this reason when used in rings it is best set in bezel style.
The geology:
Lapis is composed of sodium calcium aluminium silicate sulphate. A very rare stone, it sometimes occurs spotted with white (calcite) and gold-yellow (pyrite) – creating the ‘night-sky’ effect. As well as the famous mine in Afghanistan, small masses are found in the lavas of Vesuvius in Italy, as well as Chile, Burma, Siberia, Angola, Canada, Pakistan and USA.